If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, spiritual confusion or want to build on already established spiritual principles, One Truth can help you begin your healing journey through a variety of therapy techniques specialized just for you.

One Truth aims to support beings in loving themselves and letting go of the need for validation from the outside. This opens the door for learning to self soothe, self affirm, and radiate in one’s inner brilliance. Though we are all on different paths, we are all connected through One Truth.

“Sheri is compassionate and understanding. She is an excellent listener and understands my concerns. She is extremely helpful in suggesting a variety of options that may solve my issues and is always available.”
“Sheri is super easy to talk to and provides great insight!”


“Sheri is much more than a counselor. She is your best friend, your auntie, your guider, and will treat you with a tremendous amount of respect. I feel like I am able to tell her my inner most thoughts and feeling without judgement. She gives me amazing advice, feedback, and knowledge of different tools to help me gain peace and continue my path to healing.”

“She’s great and can really tell she’s listening and thoughtful in her response. Very timely and involved!”

“I’ve been working with Sheri regularly for a few months now and have been having a great experience. She consistently checks in with me about specific different things that are going on in my life each week and follows up on how they’re going. I really appreciate her attention to detail, and the time she takes to remember specific details about the various people in my life and life experiences I’ve had. Whenever I send her a message she always makes sure she explains how she interpreted my message, to make sure we are on the same page regarding the feelings I was trying to convey to her. She’s sent me a few worksheets to help me document some of my internal obstacles, and then has talked through the worksheets with me, which has helped me look at my issues more positively and realize ways that I can overcome them.”